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In 2015 the following Incite! Spiritual Formation opportunities will be offered:

1.  Basic Wesleyan Beliefs.  This is a 6-week course designed to refresh or introduce you to Wesleyan (Methodist) Christian understanding of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), sin, salvation, the role of the church for today, and the sacraments (baptism and the Lord’s supper). (Suggested donation to cover book and materials: $20.  Scholarships available.)

2. Celebrate The Feasts! This 6-week course will explain the Biblical feasts that Jesus observed in the Gospels, and why we should still celebrate them in the church today.  (Suggested donation to cover book and materials: $20.  Scholarships available.)

3.  Bible-icity:  Simply Learn to Study the Bible.  This is 9-week course will give you the tools to “rightly divide the word of truth,” for yourself using the inductive method of investigation.  Jesus used scripture to interpret scripture (Matthew 5-7), it is therefore important that his followers learn to do the same.  (Suggested donation to cover book and materials: $20.  Scholarships available.)

4.  Prayer To Change Your Life:  Prayer 101.  This is a 9-week course based on Jesus’ Model Prayer.  Learn to pray prayers that get results!  Learn to pray as Jesus taught us to pray–effectively and efficiently–using His Word. (Suggested donation to cover book and materials: $20.  Scholarships available.)

5.  I AM SECOND.  This is our free small group option. Attending an “I am Second” small group ( is a good first step toward understanding the Bible and how it applies to everyday life.  These groups are on-going and will meet both at church and off-site.

All learning options available for both youth and adults.

Updated Information:

Classes That Are Still Accepting Students:

  • I Am Second w/Dr. Allen – Mondays 7pm Room 2111
  • I Am Second – Wednesdays 5:30pm The Gathering (for parents waiting on children who are rehearsing and open to all)
  • I Am Second w/Rev. Andrews – Thursdays 11:30am & 7pm Room 2111

Next INCITE! Sessions:

  • The Summer sessions for INCITE! will begin on June 8th.
  • The core classes will only be available online
  • There will be I Am Second “talk-back” sessions held on Sundays after worship celebrations

ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY for Bible-icity, Prayer 101, celebrate the feasts, and “Weslayen Beliefs” begin May 5th.  Classes begin Monday, June 8th.

For any additional questions or concerns, email Charissa Scott or Tamara Miles.